Training film

Another type of train­ing film. Being a pro­duct film in the first place, this clip casu­ally imparts knowl­edge. After watch­ing the video, a machin­ist will know how to adjust and oper­ate the KFF 3.


What are the advantages of training films?

A speaker is shown from behind, talking to a group of people sitting towards him.

Films are illustrative

Even com­plex processes can be illus­trated in a sim­ple way. For exam­ple, assem­bly instruc­tions or safety reg­u­la­tions become easy to under­stand and easy to remem­ber.

Films are convincing

They are cred­i­ble, because the audi­ence can actu­ally see var­i­ous sit­u­a­tions through its own eyes. For exam­ple, var­i­ous mobile nurs­ing ser­vices use train­ing films made by ref­erenz film to improve con­sul­ta­tion and sales exper­tise.

Films are available

Films can be seen any­time and every­where, and can be repeated as often as required by the train­ing pro­gress.  In con­trast to the clas­si­cal role play it is easy to show and dis­cuss dif­fer­ent behav­iours.

Films add to your classroom training

Videos can be used both in live sem­i­nars and in dis­tance learn­ing envi­ron­ments (via inter­net, apps, Blu-Ray etc.).


Training films made by referenz film

We present sam­ples of train­ing films that have been real­ized by the ref­erenz film team. How­ever, since many pro­duc­tions were made for inter­nal use and con­tain priv­i­leged con­tent, only a few can be shown here on this site. Just get in con­tact and we will be happy to develop a solu­tion that per­fectly meets your trainig require­ments. In addi­tion to the mere shoot­ing of the film we will also provide advice on indus­trial edu­ca­tion and didac­ti­cal con­cepts — from the first con­cep­tual steps to the implemeta­tion of your train­ing pro­gram!


Workplace health management of the Knauf Gips KG



This series of train­ing videos is designed to inform employ­ees of Knauf Gips KG on sev­eral top­ics of work­place health. With­out patron­iz­ing its tar­get audi­ence, it con­veys var­i­ous tools that can eas­ily be imple­mented into every­day rou­ti­nes. Thomas Lurz, swim­ming world cham­pion and health ambas­sador of Knauf, is shown in dif­fer­ent work­places and sit­u­a­tions and pro­vides advice on how to improve health aware­ness and fit­ness. The videos are directed at both white-col­lar work­ers (office staff and busi­ness trav­ellers) as well as those, who face hard phys­i­cal labor (e.g., stone-break­ers).


If you want to know more about the var­i­ous oppor­tu­ni­ties of cor­po­rate films, visit our solu­tions page, or find out how busi­ness-TV can serve as a train­ing tool. Or fol­low the link for a def­i­n­i­tion of the term train­ing film.