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Our inter­ac­tive com­pany pre­sen­ta­tion. It shows the var­i­ous oppor­tu­ni­ties of an inter­ac­tive video: Sim­ple nav­i­ga­tion within the video, embed­ded doc­u­ments and sev­eral lan­guage ver­sions. At the same time it is a field trial to pro­duce hyper­videos for the low-price seg­ment. A com­pa­ra­ble pro­duc­tion can already be real­ized for € 10,000 to € 25,000.

An inter­ac­tive train­ing video, for exam­ple, can close the gap between a reg­u­lar train­ing film and com­puter based teach­ing pro­grams. Your employ­ees can choose between dif­fer­ent courses of action and visu­ally face the results of their choice. And unlike a com­puter sim­u­la­tion, they can see real peo­ple in a famil­iar envi­ron­ment, e.g. the com­pany head­quar­ter.

Another field of appli­ca­tion are inter­ac­tive pro­duct films. Prospec­tive cus­tomers get accus­tomed to “han­dle” machin­ery with­out expen­sive trav­el­ling to your loca­tion.

And — of course — con­sumers can access your online shop while watch­ing your pro­duct film!

As you can see, there are vir­tu­ally end­less usages for inter­ac­tive videos. Since this pro­duct isn’t yet fully estab­lished on the mar­ket, we will gladly provide indi­vid­ual infor­ma­tion on solu­tions for your busi­ness needs.

Screenshot aus dem interaktiven Video namens discovering referenz film

Interactive Navigation: FLEXUS AG

A tour of ware­house logis­tics for FLEXUS AG, a provider of automa­tion soft­ware. Here, inter­ac­tiv­ity is lim­ited to nav­i­ga­tion within the film. How­ever, its advan­tages become clear: Dur­ing pre­sen­ta­tions your sales rep­re­sen­ta­tive can put the focus on those aspects of your pro­duct that are most rel­e­vant for the cus­tomer, with­out wast­ing time watch­ing the whole video.

Through dis­tri­b­u­tion via the inter­net you can also approach your cus­tomer specif­i­cally and effec­tively ahead of a sales talk.

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