Distributions of video productions


BluRay & DVD

A tra­di­tional, but still com­mon medium is the DVD on which films can be saved at low cost and in good qual­ity. The higher res­o­lu­tion suc­ces­sor is the Blu-Ray. You can store and play con­tents in HD. A Blu-Ray needs a speci­fic play­back device, since nei­ther DVD-Player nor a DVD-disc drive can play it.

Fun­da­men­tally, one has to dif­fer­en­ti­ate between Data-Disc and Video-Disc in both for­mats.

Die Rückseite einer DVD, vorbereitet für die Verteilung Ihres Films!

The Video-DVD (or Blu-Ray) has a stan­dard pro­gram­ming, which can be played from reg­u­lar DVD-Play­ers. Inter­net links and down­loads are not pos­si­ble

The DVD-ROM as a data medium can have every pos­si­ble soft­ware pro­gram­ming and can be used with a com­puter. The most reg­u­lar qual­ity con­tains about 60 to 90 min­utes of film. Twice the stor­age is pro­vided by “dou­ble-layer-DVDS” which, how­ever, require a suit­able play­back device. The fun­da­men­tal data for­mat for the DVD is the MPEG2 for­mat.

While the DVD has become obso­lete from a tech­no­log­i­cal point of view, con­cerns regard­ing inter­net secu­rity and com­pat­i­bil­ity still make it the medium of choice for many com­pa­nies.


Zwei Videoplayer auf einem Bildschirm, auf denen Videos laufen.

Nev­er­the­less, most of films are dis­trib­uted via the inter­net today. The qual­ity depends on the poten­tial data rate, which again depends on the speed of the inter­net access on the user’s side. The­o­ret­i­cally films can be shown in every res­o­lu­tion – pro­vided you have the appro­pri­ate inter­net speed.

Full-HD res­o­lu­tion has become stan­dard in the con­sumer area and can be shown on almost every play­back device.

Nor­mally you need a spe­cial soft­ware to play films. The most com­mon for­mats are Win­dows media files which are shown by the Win­dows Media Player or Quick­Time files (orig­i­nally devel­oped for Mac­in­tosh), as well as plat­form inde­pen­dent MP4- and Flash-for­mats. The so-called VLC-player can cope with almost all for­mats on basi­cally every plat­form.

Eine Frau sitzt vor dem PC. Im Vordergrund unscharf ein Mann, der ebenfalls auf einen Bildschirm schaut.

There are gen­er­ally two ways to watch films on the inter­net. With a down­load, the data is stored on the com­puter of the user. Only when the down­load is fin­ished it´s pos­si­ble to watch the film. In the best qual­ity down­load­ing can take a lot of time. If you stream a video you can watch it while it is loaded in the back­ground. The wait­ing time is much shorter but if the con­nec­tion is poor the film can be jerky. After watch­ing, data are deleted auto­mat­i­cally and have to be reloaded for repeated watch­ing.

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