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Process of a film production

Man sieht einen Fotographen, der in Richtung der Kamera fotographiert. Der Ablauf einer Filmproduktion ist nur ein Punkt unserer Service Seiten.
Writ­ing the script and prepar­ing in coop­er­a­tion with you is just as impor­tant as the pro­duc­tion phase. Sub­se­quent film and sound edit­ing will be tai­lored and cre­ated at your request. This and much more are parts of the ser­vice page the process of a film pro­duc­tion.


Zwei Menschen bereiten mit Knetfiguren eine Stop-Motion Szene vor.

Find out how your desired pro­duct is called and learn more about tech­ni­cal terms. Do you want to shoot a com­mer­cial or a trade fair film? Does it require a Blue Box, or per­haps a dolly and do you have already cre­ated a brief­ing? All this will be explained by the ser­vice page def­i­n­i­tions.

Usage rights

Eine Violonistin spielt vor einem Notenpult. Im Hintergrund spielt das restliche symphonische Orchester.

If you want to know what rights stay with you and what rights remain with the pro­duc­ers, then you should accu­rately check the terms and con­di­tions of your pro­duc­ers, as well as your con­tracts. Top­ics such as gen­eral usage rights fo the music used, as well as speak­ers and actors are explained here exactly.


Kameramann, der den Betrachter mit einem Teleobjektiv anvisiert; Bildmehrteilung mit Überwachungsszenerien, Screenshot aus einem ImagefilmHere you will find the names and descrip­tions of our dif­fer­ent video sys­tems, our record­ing equip­ment and what equip­ment must be used for your movie pro­duc­tion. Which edit­ing sys­tems we work with, how you can dis­trib­ute your film, and on which for­mats and media your film can be played back — find out on our ser­vice page tech­nol­ogy.


Überblick von hinten über junge Menschen, die zwei Dozenten im Hintergrund zuhören.

Get our eBook free of charge. It con­tains inter­est­ing facts and addi­tional infor­ma­tion with respect to films for com­pa­nies. It pro­vides the basic knowl­edge for the pro­duc­tion of image films, trade fair films, pro­duct films, train­ing films, etc.

Tips and Tricks for Your Film Production

Filmrolle: auf den einzelnen Frames ist ein Leuchtturm abgebildet.

It is always advis­able to know how your film can be pro­duced to the most opti­mal effect. For that you should care about both the speci­fic con­tents and its desired impact on the audi­ence. We have put together tips and tricks for you on how to get the best implemeta­tion.