3. The production

3.1 Shooting

Die Filmcrew bei Dreharbeiten: Rechts steht der zweite Kameramann mit seinem Assistenten, in der Mitte der erste Kameramannvor der beiden Darstellern und links stehen die beiden Regisseurinnen.The actual shoot­ing nor­mally is the most intense stage of the film pro­duc­tion for the cus­tomer. It mostly takes place at the loca­tion of the cus­tomer or user (pro­duc­tion sites, devel­op­ment, ref­er­ence-cus­tomers etc.). Because later alter­ations are very com­pli­cated and expen­sive, the customer’s project man­ager is on the set. Depend­ing on the com­plex­ity a film crew of up to ten per­sons will be on site.


3.2 Buying footage

Ein Panorama der Stadt St. Georgen im Schwarzwald mit blauem Himmel.

Footage is mate­rial, which is not shot indi­vid­u­ally for your film, but bought from archives. For image films you often buy his­toric pic­tures, for pro­duct films and com­mer­cials pic­tures of user or cus­tomers. Because we are a lead­ing provider for image films, we have a large archive with hun­dreds of busi­ness sce­nes, which we make avail­able for you.


3.3 Creation of graphical elements

Thomas Lurz unscharf im Hintergrund streckt den Daumen, der scharf ist, raus. Daran hängt der Schriftzug "Fit at work".

A mod­ern film look con­tains a lot of graph­i­cal ele­ments like the inser­tion of writ­ings, sub­ti­tles etc. A com­mer­cial on DVD or CD-Rom may require a graph­i­cal user inter­face. Graph­ics are also needed for the print of the cover or the direct print on DVDs.


3.4 Creation of animations

Die Animation eines Ventils, durch das eine Flüssigkeit fließt.

Com­mer­cials and pro­duct films today con­tain ever­more 3D ani­ma­tions. Ani­ma­tions provide inter­est­ing views on prod­ucts and can visu­al­ize branches and struc­tures.




3.5 Voice recording

Ein Mischpult mit vielen verschiedenen Reglern. Die Tonaufnahme ist ein wichtiger Bestandteil in der Produktion eines Films.

The qual­ity of voice record­ings is essen­tial for the qual­ity of the film. The record­ing should take place in a pro­fes­sional stu­dio. And of course it all comes down to the speaker. Don’t make false economies — a good speaker will enrich your film enor­mously.


3.6 Creation / acquisition of music

Im Vordergrund eine Geigerin, im Hintergrund sind weitere Geiger unscharf zu erkennen.Depend­ing on the bud­get there are dif­fer­ent options for the selec­tion of music. The best, yet most expen­sive solu­tion is to com­pose a new score for your film. Of course it is more eco­nom­i­cal to buy the usage rights of exist­ing pieces from a spe­cial­ized music pub­lisher. You´ve a great range of choices and the music copy­rights are easy to man­age. The most afford­able option is the use of roy­alty-free music; how­ever, the range of choices is lower. In any case it is absolutely essen­tial to man­age the usage rights of your music. Oth­er­wise you may have to pay high addi­tional bills.

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