4. The post-production

Dur­ing the post-pro­duc­tion all ele­ments of the film are com­bined. Main empha­sis here is on edit­ing and dub­bing.

4.1 Screening the material

Eine referenz film Mitarbeiterin sitzt vor einem Bildschirm und sichtet das Rohmaterial.

After the shoot­ings all the mate­rial will be reviewed and cat­e­go­rized.


4.2 Logging of the material

Der Beginn der Postproduktion: Ein Recorder mit einem angezeigten Timecode, der auf 0 steht.

The edit­ing is nor­mally dig­i­tal­ized. Dur­ing the process of log­ging all sce­nes are recorded. The sin­gle takes are marked indi­vid­u­ally for eas­ier allo­ca­tion dur­ing the cut. After that the mate­ri­als are dig­i­tized: The film clips are imported to the hard disks of the com­puter.


4.3 Rough-cut

Ein Mann sitzt vor einem Bildschirm. Das Gesicht wird durch den Bildschirm abgeschnitten.

The rough cut is the first ver­sion of the film. All ele­ments are get­ting com­bined. It´s called “rough cut”, since it forms the basis and the first ver­sion of the film. At this stage, there is only lit­tle atten­tion to details.


4.4 Fine-cut

Eine Hand bedient einen sogenannten "Shuttle". Ein spezielles Eingabegerät für den Schnitt am Computer.

Dur­ing the fine-cut, cuts are adjusted, the tim­ing opti­mized and the indi­vid­ual pic­ture clips fin­ished.



4.5 Color grading / Color correcting

Eine Unterwasseraufnahme von einer Schwimmerin in einem Hallenbecken..

The color cor­rect­ing brings the dif­fer­ent col­ors into line. The less you rec­og­nize this revi­sion, the bet­ter. With color grad­ing films get a spe­cial look. The col­ors in the film can be adjusted to your CI or your print mate­ri­als.


4.6 Sound mixing

Eine Hand, die auf einem Mischpult Schalter verschiebt.

The last stage of the post-pro­duc­tion is the sound mix­ing. This ver­sion of the cut already con­tains speech, music and the orig­i­nal-sound. Now the sound is arranged for the film (e.g. stereo, sur­round) and fur­ther sound is added. For exam­ple move­ments of the cam­era are accen­tu­ated; ani­ma­tions are empha­sized, and so on. Sub­se­quently the com­plete sound is mixed.

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