Costs of your Video Production

Professional videos — cheaper than expected

In many cases, poten­tial cus­tomers are put off by the seem­ingly high cost of a video pro­duc­tion in advance. Most likely the repeat­edly cir­cu­lat­ing rates of Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­tions with their exor­bi­tant fees for actors, often hun­dreds of man-years in pro­duc­tion and exclu­sive shoot­ing loca­tions dis­tort per­cep­tion.
The fact is that a pro­fes­sional video, includ­ing all rights often costs less than a poster adver­tis­ing cam­paign, with almost unlim­ited spa­tial and tem­po­ral cov­er­age!

We make costs transparent

Often costs are dec­o­rated quite con­fus­ing. How­ever, the cus­tomer wants to know what they are pay­ing for. We are trans­par­ent and present the costs openly and clearly. Every idea and vision is imple­mented by us indi­vid­u­ally. We advise you in finan­cial terms. Which means would be in line for you? How much do you want or can you spend? Is the cost-ben­e­fit ratio OK? All this, so that your film pro­duc­tion can be opti­mally imple­mented.
Our pro­duct lines — tai­lored to your needs

In the sub­di­vided pages our cat­e­gory costs we present among oth­ers our three inno­v­a­tive pro­duct lines, which are:

The Basic Line is ideal for smaller projects with­out com­pro­mis­ing their high qual­ity look and feel. It is of all the most eco­nom­i­cal alter­na­tive.
The Pre­mium Line for mid­size com­pa­nies, that want to cre­ate more com­plex and high-qual­ity pro­duc­tions.
The high-end line to imple­ment first-class national and inter­na­tional projects, which also requires a cer­tain bud­get.

To give you a bet­ter overview, we have clearly divided the sev­eral steps of a pro­duc­tion under the item direct costs. Here you can see exactly what you pay for. From con­cep­tion, the cre­ation of the film designs, arrang­ing the actors, the actual shoot­ing up to cut and sound edit­ing — there are many dif­fer­ent links in the chain of film pro­duc­tion. 

Have you become inter­ested and want to shoot a film — or have it shot, respec­tively? Do you even have cer­tain ideas about how your film will look like at the end? Sim­ply use our online cal­cu­la­tor and find out about the approx­i­mate cost of your project.