Shooting at Knauf

Impressions of the shooting

We car­ried out a shoot­ing for our cus­tomer KNAUF Gips KG on Novem­ber 16, 2015. Our new col­league writes about the impres­sions she got from her first shoot­ing with us.

Mon­day and morn­ing — what a nasty com­bi­na­tion. Sun­shine at least. How­ever, .… all the folks at ref­erenz film are highly moti­vated: Days of shoot­ing are great days, even if it’s Mon­days. One last meet­ing so every­one knows his tasks and the sched­ule for today. I’m assigned for make-up, a reward­ing job for a new­bie. Cook­ies for break­fast, load­ing all the equip­ment into our spa­cious van and of we go. In Iphofen we meet our two free­lance cam­era­men, who are at the loca­tion already.

In the spec­tac­u­lar entrance hall of the KNAUF head­quar­ter we meet our prin­ci­pals and main actors, among them the mul­ti­ple swim­ming world cham­pion Thomas Lurz and Mr. Frank Lehner, the future health ambas­sador of KNAUF. Since many of us have been work­ing on ear­lier parts of the KNAUF’s “Kraftakt”-series, the atmos­phere gets relaxed eas­ily and we are look­ing for­ward to work­ing together.

After wiring the equip­ment I set up my lit­tle make-up stu­dio in the periph­ery of the hall. From the very begin­ning I feel secure because my expe­ri­enced col­leagues are will­ing to answer all the ques­tions that arise.

I start doing the make-up for todays main actors. Find­ing the right skin tone, mask­ing out the flush of the skin, yet not apply­ing too much, and enter­tain­ing the actors in a relaxed atmos­phere is pretty excit­ing. How­ever, I mas­ter my task and am more than sat­is­fied with the result. Then the shoot­ing starts.

Frau Weissmann gibt Anweisungen für den weiteren Verlauf der Filmproduktion

Since we are inside an office build­ing, we have to watch out for employ­ees walk­ing right through the set — or walk at all, respec­tively! For we do audio record­ing as well. And every step of a KNAUF employee can be heard through­out the impres­sive high hall.


Herr Lehner und Frau Stolz werden von Thorsten, einem Kameramann des referenz film Teams gefilmtThat’s prob­a­bly the most chal­leng­ing task any­way. Explain­ing the sit­u­a­tion to pass­ing employ­ees and pre­vent them from cross­ing through the scene, in order to get a quick and straight­for­ward shoot. As you might imag­ine, that’s some­times pretty amus­ing.

Our actors are doing a phan­tas­tic job and I can observe the inter­ac­tion between the direc­tor, cam­era, sound and assis­tants. You become aware that the folks at ref­erenz film are a per­fectly estab­lished team.

A cou­ple of hours later the shoot­ing is fin­ished. While our actors can call it a day, for us it means dis­man­tling and clear­ing. With­out grum­bling and always in a good mood, every­one helps to col­lect and stow away the equip­ment. It’s dark already and I real­ize that a long, excit­ing and inter­est­ing day has passed. I’m look­ing for­ward to the next shoot­ing with the team of ref­erenz film.

Das referenz film Team bei Knauf

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