Homepage Relaunch

Overhauling our website

We started our project “new web­site” full of vim and vigour — and no idea that we would really reach our lim­its. And go beyond them.

The Adven­ture begins.

Times change, and we change with them. We all agree: it’s time for some­thing new. Some­thing mod­ern, inno­v­a­tive, fas­ci­nat­ing, going bey­ong limits…in short: the time has come for a new web­site.

We started our project full of vim and vigour — and with no idea that we would really reach our lim­its. And go beyond them. Any­way.… where there’s a will there’s a way. After search­ing the infinite vast­ness of the world wide web we finally found a CMS (Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem) that sat­is­fied our demand for a rel­a­tively sim­ple and indi­vid­ual approach to rework our web­site: Word­Press. Now the actual work started.

referenz film GmbH Mitarbeiterin sitzt vor einem Bildschirm und sichtet das Rohmaterial.At the begin­ning we had to answer ques­tions such as: what should our home­page look like, which font and what col­ors match our cor­po­rate design? Being cre­atives our­selves we could answer these ques­tions in a timely man­ner. For every page and sub-page a new text had to be writ­ten, since many of the old ones were out­dated and lit­er­ally read to death.

Switch on the cof­fee maker and con­tinue. Every­one knew what to do and — step by step — our col­lec­tion of Word­Press doc­u­ments trans­formed into a hand­some web­site. While some of us con­tin­ued work­ing on the texts and opti­mized them for search engi­nes (SEO), oth­ers looked for pic­tures and videos, that were inserted to each page. Since a lot of the equip­ment has changed in recent years, we had to take many new pic­tures in our offices and util­ity rooms. We also added sev­eral new films which were pro­duced only recently by the ref­erenz film team. The final steps focussed on the lay­out. Some of us got acquainted with HTML and CSS com­mands, which were nec­es­sary to allow for a more indi­vid­ual and good-look­ing lay­out.

It hat been a pretty chal­leng­ing jouney and we had to over­come some obsta­cles. But now our web­site shi­nes in new splen­dor and we wish you a lot of fun brows­ing it.

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